Subtle intimidation


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They just want what they want and get "angry" when denied. If you belong to a union, your rep should be able to help.

Subtle intimidation

Projecting the blame blaming others: If you work on a building site and it is part of the daily banter, does this constitute bullying?

Subtle intimidation

Subtle intimidation

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  1. Extreme verbal abuse of players occurs often.

  2. What judgments do you make of others that you are willing to let go of? Manipulator may put on a look of surprise or indignation.

  3. Wounding with sarcasm—I like sarcastic humor as much as the next guy, but there is a huge difference between sarcasm that highlights the irony of a situation and is self-deprecating, versus sarcasm that is intended to belittle and injure another person.

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