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The privately owned company celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. As kids, his three sisters would tidy up the office, and the brothers would help their dad and his part-time staff with hub cap molds and treads.

Sullivan tire gloucester ma

Steel belted tires came on the market and lasted 40, miles compared to older tires that lasted a year. Trust and loyalty are the two ideals that Sullivan said remain solid foundations of the business his father started. Sullivan says it comes down to that "loyalty" philosophy in dealing with employees and customers alike.

Sullivan tire gloucester ma

Sullivan tire gloucester ma

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  1. But one thing is for sure —— everything then and now revolved around The Chef, and his philosophy to treat every customer and fellow employee as you would a member of your family.

  2. Sullivan said that customer demand and market dynamics catalyzed company growth. The company's original paperboy, Dave Wilson, is now an auditor for the company.

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