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Do you find it hard to hear someone when they talk in a soft voice or whisper? If you represent Elite Health Care Management and would like to claim your listing, please contact us.

Surfside chat

A hearing test can help detect early signs. It is highly recommended that you contact our office today for an appointment to meet with a hearing professional.

Surfside chat

Surfside chat

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  1. The benefit of living in an assisted living community is that making meals can be costly and time consuming process so Elite Health Care Management provides meals for residents. Someone from our office will be in touch with you shortly.

  2. We recommend contacting our office to schedule a hearing test. We recommend that you contact us to set up an appointment for a hearing test.

  3. However, if you suspect you may have hearing loss or are experiencing other symptoms not listed here, please contact our office for a consultation. Do people complain that you turn the TV volume up too high?

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