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He spent the next 5 years overseeing the day-to-day Post operations of all projects and helped set precedent and policy for the department. In this role, Joe continues to ensure that 51 Minds is a company that can take on future challenges and can adapt to new technologies that are forever evolving in the world of Television Production.

Swolemate application

With more than a decade of experience in unscripted television as both a producer and development executive, Jessica possesses a vantage point that stretches from inception of a new show through post on a series. He looks forward to the challenges that each individual production brings and seeing them through their completion.

Swolemate application

Swolemate application

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  1. Joe worked to refine and improve operations and helped take the department into the next generation of digital workflows.

  2. Andrew got his start in television working as a set costumer. His prior experience in business management and inherent understanding of technology set Joe up to excel within Post Production during his start.

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