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Sydney to crescent head

Did you enjoy this post? This population surge is supported by a large caravan park in the centre of town, along the creek, and the many holiday houses around town. Technically part of the country club, the course weaves its way up the hill near the lookout, then down and over the hill to near the bluff and back up the way you came from.

Sydney to crescent head

Sydney to crescent head

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  1. After their initial decimation, oysters returned and the creek is now the region's principal source of the shellfish.

  2. Killick Beach is known as one of Australia's best beaches and it serves as the location for the annual Crescent Head Malibu Classic.

  3. Standard beers and surprisingly good pub food.

  4. The studio is also situated on a working alpaca farm. This circumstance seems designed to ensure that Crescent Head will never be inundated by large numbers of tourists.

  5. The headland has helped to produce almost unique surfing conditions which have attracted such greats as Midge Farrelly and Nat Young.

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