Symptoms of self destructive behavior


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It may cost them friendships, relationships, jobs, safety, or stability. They may be a highly-sensitive or exceptionally emotional person. Small things can trigger intense reactions.

Symptoms of self destructive behavior

They may be a highly-sensitive or exceptionally emotional person. You may spend a lot of time feeling angry at yourself.

Symptoms of self destructive behavior

Symptoms of self destructive behavior

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  1. And once upset, you have trouble calming down.

  2. Your self-image, goals, and even your likes and dislikes may change frequently in ways that feel confusing and unclear. The question of what causes self-destructive behavior is an infinitely complex one because of how broad of a category self-destructive behavior is.

  3. For example, faced with a pressing scholastic assessment, someone may choose to sabotage their work rather than cope with the stress. It is seen as a symptom of other underlying dysfunction or psychological disorders that a person may be experiencing.

  4. Furthermore, the symptoms must be long-standing usually beginning in adolescence and impact many areas of your life. Many people who engage in self-destructive behaviors are somewhat aware of their own destructive tendencies, but fail to do anything meaningful to stop or change them.

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