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One can request Full or Partial Sessions: Tantra is The Science of Ecstasy.

Tantra pennsylvania

Tantra, like Zen is a personal path to enlightenment! One on One or Couples welcome! Clarifying needs and building trust.

Tantra pennsylvania

Tantra pennsylvania

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  1. Tap into areas where sex, love and power meet and design your relationship of true happiness.

  2. Tantra embraces the "Entire" being, the entire body. Cultivate new skills in passion, emotion and intimacy so that the bonding lasts longer.

  3. Private classes see "Energy Healing Classes". Tantra embraces the "Entire" being, the entire body.

  4. The Tantric experience can be a most pleasurable form of escape from life's difficulties, leading on a path of enlightenment, self discovery and special awareness.

  5. Learn to touch without "touching"!

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