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They include Mixlr, a cool platform for live audio, Tripbod, a place to find local tour guides on your travels, and Pusher, a tool for building real-time apps which has been pretty invaluable to us. It was a pretty surreal thing to see.

Tastebuds fm app

Filter matches by gender, age and location, and message matches in real-time and share playlists with them directly. Add your Songkick details to your profile to share gigs that you are going to on your profile — the perfect setting for an offline meet up!

Tastebuds fm app

Tastebuds fm app

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  1. Why do you choose Shoreditch to run your business? I guess having a shared interest with someone, particularly something as personal as music makes it easier to break the ice.

  2. One Sunday afternoon, during which we were being featured by BBC Click on rotation, I was walking around Cambridge looking for a pub to watch a football match. It was a pretty surreal thing to see.

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