Taurus and sagittarius marriage compatibility


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It is difficult for them to find common ground, but if they do, they can help each other grow different dimensions to their respective personalities. For Sagittarius and Taurus, compatibility initially may well lead to a passionate, fiery, sensual encounter, as the earthy sexuality of the Lover meets the exuberant expressiveness of the Adventurer, but that in itself is not enough to create a firm basis for a longer relationship. When stubbornness learns to yield, and when restlessness learns to calm down, true love can conquer the inherent Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility problems.

Taurus and sagittarius marriage compatibility

The ancient maneuvers need to be introduced incrementally — but a relaxed Taurus is always more open to change and risk taking. This is why it is very important to mix things up.

Taurus and sagittarius marriage compatibility

Taurus and sagittarius marriage compatibility

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  1. Usually loss of trust here simply breaks up the relationship and they both go their separate ways with no regret. Keep this in mind when it comes to examining Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility.

  2. Sagittarius is mutable — constantly changeable and willing to learn through failure. Taurus does not tolerate infidelity; if cheating occurs, Taurus will be deeply wounded and the relationship may not survive the strain.

  3. It takes them time to mull over whether a relationship really will work or not. Sagittarius is the zodiac king of comedy and uses humor in just about every situation known to mankind — during sex, stress, happiness and occasional sadness.

  4. They are dynamic, but they don't feel the need to push out life and go after manifestation like Aries and Taurus do at the beginning of the cycle.

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