Tea gardens port stephens


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Tea gardens port stephens

The timber was hauled by bullock train to mills, then carted by punt downriver. Parts of Hawks Nest are obscured by trees but the view to the west over the hinterland across to the mountain range and south along the coast is superb. Useful Websites There is a useful local website - http:

Tea gardens port stephens

Tea gardens port stephens

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  1. The views are spectacular and the effort involved is genuinely challenging.

  2. There are two caravan parks and three boat ramps along Marine Parade and it is from this location that you can hire a boat or houseboat, and join the various river, lake, fishing, deep-sea fishing and dolphin-watch cruises. Lava, subsidence and erosion have changed the landscape so that now Yacaaba Head is a remnant of an ancient volcanic peak and the local topography and the rocky outcrops are the products of lava flow.

  3. Yacaaba Head Millions of years ago massive volcanic disturbances formed Yacaaba Head. There is a very useful website which lists a total of eleven cycle tracks ranging from short journeys around Hawks Nest and Tea Gardens through to a 52 km journey from Hawks Nest to Bombah Point Ferry.

  4. Share on Google Plus Tea Gardens is a small township of people located adjacent the northern head of Port Stephens km north of Sydney via the Pacific Highway, 77 km north-east of Newcastle, 10 km off the Pacific Highway and 16 m above sea-level. It is separated from the town of Hawks Nest by the mouth of the Myall River, which runs from the Myall Lakes down to Port Stephens, and joined to it by the 'Singing Bridge', named for its tendency to act like a wind harp in a strong south-westerly breeze.

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