Ted cruz booger eater


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It doesn't seem to have tainted his career much but how can we ever forget this event. That or the next debate might include a minute segment devoted to Yo Mama jokes.

Ted cruz booger eater

Fox News He then looked directly into the camera and, with millions of viewers' eyes on his bottom lip, swallowed the object. Not really fair to that small segment of society that doesn't happen to be super models.

Ted cruz booger eater

Ted cruz booger eater

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  1. Has it been present all the time? Get a grip, Chris.

  2. Cruz, who requested the Wednesday meeting, told reporters at the Capitol that Trump "is bringing a bold, brash voice to this presidential race.

  3. Bieber has been accused of battery, speeding and running a stop sign. Transfixed, viewers apparently forgot about the issues at hand, instead focusing on the eye-catching spec travelling around Cruz's mouth.

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