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We can still feel it the music and culture that remain. Nostalgia can be dangerous, in that it tends to romanticize history, and paint with broad strokes a picture that might have been, or could have been. It felt unpretentious, warm, dreamy, safe and most importantly, scalable.

Tehran chat

I think if we set aside the Euro-Centric view of the Tehran and embed ourselves within its the lively scenes, find our ways around its oddities and learn to love them, it has so much to offer in terms of nightlife, music programming and public life. After the revolution, a lot of our public parties went private.

Tehran chat

Tehran chat

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  1. Tehran Chat Room is the place where chatters from Tehran come to chat and make new friends. Personally speaking, I think a historical outlook can be much more beneficial for us to guide our research, programming and aesthetics.

  2. But you can do those things separately: In many ways, New York is rife with potential to dream up such spaces:

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