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Hikaru no Go Mahjong: What you get when you combine Dungeons and Dragons with Mecha anime. Mostly known for its Biblical references and imagery and abnormal amounts of blood spewing out of anything and anyone like a bunch of Fruit Gushers though nowhere near as Grimderp as Devilman or Violence Jack.

Tg anime

A boy who aspires to become a 'sky surfer' think floating surfboards links up with a cute girl who pilots a gigantic mech for the 'Gekkostate' organization. Sakamaki Izayoi, Kudou Asuka and Kudou Yoh are invited and transported to a place called "Little Garden", a sprawling melting pot of races grouped into communities.

Tg anime

Tg anime

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  1. Sequel series without Urobochi.

  2. If you want a show that has qualities even the Emperor's Children would appreciate then watch it.

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