The couple that prays together stays together


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You pray and then you listen. But God wants us to become one in marriage, He calls us into communion with Him as we reflect Christ and the church Eph 5: Praying together encourages vulnerability and grace:

The couple that prays together stays together

In fact, it prepares you for even deeper emotional and physical intimacy that would not otherwise be possible. God brings Scripture to mind, comforts you, convicts you, and confirms His love for you. We like going on prayer walks that last 20 minutes 3 times a week.

The couple that prays together stays together

The couple that prays together stays together

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  1. In general, church attendance is linked with a reduction in divorce by more than 30 percent.

  2. For faith leaders and clergy looking to have a positive impact on family cohesion, offering believers simple and concrete ways to practice family prayer inside the home could make a world of difference. I believe there are some reasons for that.

  3. One, most religions teach that marriage is sacred, a message that is reinforced by regular attendance of church services and church-related events.

  4. But is it true? Finally, faith communities often provide support and resources for married couples and families.

  5. I really like the quote about prayer from an actor playing C. And the data points to only benefits for couples and families that pray together, supporting the idea that prayer may very well help families stay together.

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