The denzel principle


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And it also precipitates the reason why many black women are looking for a man to be the father they never knew. In the era of Eddie Murphy rose a black man who could be taken seriously.

The denzel principle

Sure, he says in interviews that he doesn't like being seen as a role model or the face of the race. The paradoxically effeminate man rose up in the disco era as the new paradigm of manhood. Because he can afford to shamelessly keep a stable of hoodrats and wannabe chicken heads eager to be mistreated in exchange for a seafood dinner.

The denzel principle

The denzel principle

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  1. The only viable leadership for black America — necessarily cosigned by white America — is dead leadership.

  2. But that's what ladies were looking for. He's black in the best possible way.

  3. He was the chocolate John Travolta, minus the machismo.

  4. Not the womanizing, chain-smoking party boy he was in real life, but the nonviolent, well-spoken vessel for change.

  5. The Case for Settling for Mr. This goes on until this perfect black man becomes like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster, with cults of nutjobs trading information, hunting tips, and fish stories about the one that got away, their lives committed to hunting and capturing a creature who could not possibly exist.

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