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It was almost developed into an airport too! Of course, this transformation has been the subject of strategic planning at a regional and local level. The long-term vision for the Park is:

The herdsman perth

Herdsman Glendalough is now on the cusp of a transformation to a mixed use precinct characterised by office development, new commercial and retail opportunities, and the introduction of residential living. European settlers also used the Lake for gardening, mining and soldier resettlement. Posted on May 25, by Jessica Barr Herdsman Glendalough Perspective For years, the Herdsman Glendalough Area and the Stirling City Centre have been synonymous with car based showrooms and bulky retail, service industry, car yards and the occasional office building.

The herdsman perth

The herdsman perth

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  1. This beautiful wetland provides a wildlife sanctuary where many species of waterbird breed and where people can enjoy nature right outside their own backyards Herdsman Lake is also a valuable cultural heritage site.

  2. The Aboriginal people call it Ngurgenboro and used it as a food source in the past. Scarborough Beach Road itself is a busy, car-based thoroughfare that provides a necessary link between the vibrant inner city areas of North Perth and Mount Hawthorn, the Innaloo shopping centre and Scarborough Beach.

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