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The same woman describes making love, at an earlier date, to three men simultaneously: The threat of sexually transmitted diseases was the anti-thesis to the gratuitous sexual lifestyle and The Family was compelled to curtail Flirty Fishing in and all sex with Systemites non-members during this same period for multiple reasons. David Berg had said in the late s that anyone over thirty was unreachable in terms of conversion:

The little flirty fishy

Three hundred thousand letters were dropped in the post box and about a third of the ff-ers letters received replies: We suggest you only include masturbation, sucking and actual intercourse in the figures of fish , mate, brother or sister loved sexually.

The little flirty fishy

The little flirty fishy

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  1. In Family publications, flirty fishers and escort service practitioners see below frequently reported that they found their work hard, dangerous, and exhausting. Centre for Academic Publication.

  2. Rose of Sharon Press.

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