The pill to delay your period


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That first period may have been a cause for celebration at sleepovers ten or twenty years ago but for many women, the novelty has worn off as they juggle menstruation and manic lifestyles. Sign up now Delaying your period with birth control pills With birth control pills, regular monthly bleeding doesn't provide any health benefits. Meet with your doctor to discuss which options might be best for your body and lifestyle.

The pill to delay your period

How does it work? If you smoke, ask your doctor to help you quit. With this regimen, you take active pills continuously for 84 days — or 12 weeks — followed by one week of inactive pills.

The pill to delay your period

The pill to delay your period

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  1. A traditional pill pack contains 28 pills, but only 21 are active — containing hormones to suppress your fertility.

  2. Order the patch or ring 5.

  3. A physical or mental disability that makes it difficult to use sanitary napkins or tampons A condition worsened by menstruation, such as endometriosis or anemia Breast tenderness, bloating or mood swings in the seven to 10 days before your period Headaches or other menstrual symptoms during the week you take inactive birth control pills Heavy, prolonged, frequent or painful periods In addition, menstrual bleeding is sometimes simply inconvenient. Taking Extended-Cycle or Continuous Regimen Pills Extended-cycle or continuous regimen pills are designed to skip or eliminate your period.

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