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I have to admit that if I ever get to meet MacLeod, I'll have a hard time resisting getting his goat by asking him why he allows his unabashedly leftist novels to be published by a sinister capitalist corporate entity like Tor! Though it suffers from unevenness in a number of areas, MacLeod's storytelling is generally tight. The second half of the book picks up the plot pace and resolves very satisfyingly.

The stone canal

I am reminded of Ian M. He also discovers that Reid has a clone of his wife, though downloaded with a machine intelligence.

The stone canal

The stone canal

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  1. MacLeod's writing is smooth and sure, full of striking images and breathtaking extrapolations of current technology. But all she really wants to do is kick back, have a beer and pretend she's normal for once.

  2. On New Mars, Reid is now the big boss.

  3. Thanks to that resurrection technology, Wilde and Reid face each other as enemies again on New Mars. I gave a pass to a lot of the cold-war era politics and social order stuff because I'm generally ignorant of that, but I also didn't understand what was happening a lot of the time in t Selected this book based on it's transhumanist themes.

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