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Travelling, of course, in the Grand Manner. An issue of The Motor refers to a "tuneless dirge" by the name of "Ticketyboo" presumably the same song that everyone else was describing as plucky and upbeat ; and elsewhere in that same issue the word appears, for the first time in Google Books search results, as a descriptive term.


This instance is perhaps most interesting for the fact that Hammerton considers the term to be of Hindustani origin—a view that M. Have you any evidence for this suggestion? Travelling, of course, in the Grand Manner.



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  1. Correct; arranged; safe; satisfactory:

  2. That is, by luxurious motorcar to Newhaven, and from Dieppe by super-luxury automobile sent specially from Paris.

  3. Rushdie Everything's in fine fettle, don't you agree? No further description of the lord is given, other than that he and Charles were "two large English gentlemen travelling in the Grand Manner.

  4. Conclusions Eric Partridge seems to have been very confident that both the RAF since circa and the British Navy since circa were using forms of tickety-boo by the mids—and since he was quoting from books of service slang completed in and , his sources were probably in a position to know about it first-hand.

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