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The designation scribes is equivalent to sages and elders, but in several places it alludes to holders of offices in the Temple and in the courts. They taught the halakhot and the traditions in close connection with the study of the Bible and deduced new halakhot through the interpretation of the written text. Thus, from the passage in Sotah 15a where Rabban Gamaliel said to the scholars, "Scribes!

Tikkun soferim online

Kaufmann in his Toledot ha-Emunah ha-Yisre'elit vol. Eliezer the Great says:

Tikkun soferim online

Tikkun soferim online

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  1. Though the Talmud does mention regulations by Ezra and by the men of the Great Synagogue, it does not attribute any decrees or halakhah to scribes between Ezra and the tannaitic era.

  2. People who chant from the Torah must learn the tune and the pronunciation of the words beforehand, as the scroll itself has neither points nor cantillation marks, and because there are places where the word to be read the Qere differs from that written the Kethib in the scroll. It contains additional information of use to scribes, such as directions concerning writing particular words, traditions of calligraphic ornamentation, and information about spacing and justification.

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