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The written material makes him sound infallible, and the show makes him more personable, human, and relate-able. The guys are awesome.

Tim ferriss experiment

For six minutes — John Dumas: And he flew under the pier surfing a big wave.

Tim ferriss experiment

Tim ferriss experiment

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  1. They just started popping like wires. That's where everything is decided and I wanted to have a high degree of creative control and veto power so that I could protect everything I've built and make sure that I'm not being presented in a really weird way or whatever.

  2. That's a promise, my friend. Obviously, I just want the product.

  3. It's a combination of Myth Busters and Jackass, I suppose. It's like or but not everyone's gonna sit down with something like that.

  4. When you're put on to the platform with that kind of pressure, what do you do?

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