Tips for safe sexting


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But unfortunately, the person you trust today may betray you tomorrow. Save yourself the embarrassment, and put your phone aside when the alcohol is flowing. It's clear why the sexting game has become so popular — it's convenient, builds excitement and lets you tap into your fantasies with the touch of a button.

Tips for safe sexting

According to a recent poll , most sexting takes place on Tuesdays between the hours of 10 a. What should you write? To avoid this situation, make sure you send text messages through a single, secure device, and understand which devices your recipient uses to store his or her messages.

Tips for safe sexting

Tips for safe sexting

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  1. That's why you should consider whether to frame your face in your next sext.

  2. Sext in the affirmative. As scary as it sounds, all it takes is one person to share your racy photo with the world.

  3. Decide whether to include your face.

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