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You can try to protect yourself or your baby from the tlahuelpuchi: As a result, tlahuelpuchi may mean glowing haze or illuminated youth. Powers[ edit ] Tlahuelpuchi are able to change form by detaching their body from their legs which are left in the house of the witch.


Traditionally, though, an ordinary person could kill one of these creatures after first immobilizing her. The last known execution of a tlahuelpuchi occurred in Did they have nightmares afterwards of a battle of wills with glowing, fire-eyed bird monsters?



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  1. Others say that tlahuelpuchi have one underdeveloped leg; still other say that they are fat from all the blood they drink, or that they smell faintly of blood. Then she put Christina back on her petate sleeping mat before going to bed herself.

  2. They had no octava de cruz; no flowers were ever placed on their grave. There are three ways to immobilize a tlahuelpuchi.

  3. The tlahuelpuchi was a person believed to possess magical powers, including the power to transform themselves into one of several animals and in that form attack and suck the blood of humans. As recently as the state of Tlaxcala passed a law requiring that infants reportedly killed by witchcraft had to referred to medical authorities.

  4. You can spot this vamp in its shapeshifted form by its glowing aura. They steal into a home as a mist, sometimes luminous, that seeps under doors and windowsills, or through keyholes, or they crawl in as an insect.

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