Toe wigglers


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This allows the wrinkles to stand out more than usual, with a very nice texture. Nancy continues to be a superb toe wiggler, and is able to do all the toe movements easily. Different emotions affect your physical body, and your feet take the brunt of it.

Toe wigglers

Small-footed people can be easily hurt, but they are resilient and able to recover and move forwards once again. Her feet are just beautiful. Her toe movement is a show to watch.

Toe wigglers

Toe wigglers

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  1. Thankfully, the model was alright to filming her feet while in oil, so if you guys enjoy this the model can come back to do similar videos in the future.

  2. This clip shows very diffrent angles and a lot of close-ups on her soles; you can see her legs in the background for a lot of the video.

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