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Even without these elaborate additions, these blogs will keep you wanting for more posts where hilarity ensues. The Bloggess This blog is both hilariously funny and brutally honest. The site is a seemingly endless catalog of people doing silly things, dressing in a peculiar way, or otherwise acting odd.

Top 10 funny blogs

Fake Science Fake Science is an awesome collection of old posters with funny texts. Buzzfeed It must be here for sure.

Top 10 funny blogs

Top 10 funny blogs

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  1. Just have a look at the examples below.

  2. The funnies are organized by category and sub-category, with everything from the police to animals getting their own section.

  3. Multiple Momstrosity This is one of the best funny parenting blogs.

  4. Awkward Family Photos Most family homes have at least one picture on the wall that makes you shudder each time you see it. When Parents Text Our parents can text unbelievable things, just look at the this compilation.

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