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Her best friend is Duckie Jon Cryer , a geek who not-so-secretly adores her. He was not exactly a major box office draw. The gang — which includes Caesar Malcome Danare , a know-it-all nerd who carries a laminated note to get him out of any gym related activities — end up breaking the rules and engaging in teenage shenanigans in their quest to meet girls.

Top 80s teenage movies

They were also pretty heavy-handed and occasionally cheesy. Little Darlings is the movie that every parent should have their teenage daughter watch, as the emotions Angel and Ferris go through are far more raw and real than the ones depicted in glossy modern teen dramas. In some ways, that ending is better, though, because it sends the message that no one should be judged by how much money their family has.

Top 80s teenage movies

Top 80s teenage movies

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  1. He also develops a healthy dose of cynicism that, the story implies, will benefit him later in life.

  2. Most of them were broad comedies about horny dudes doing everything they could to see naked girls or, even better, get laid. Slater stars as a Texas girl who lives in a trailer park with her mother and her brother Binx played by a young Christian Slater and dreams of living in Vermont.

  3. All the girls in their bunk are likeable and funny and the story revolves around a bet Angel and Ferris make to see who loses their virginity first.

  4. Morita and Macchio develop wonderful chemistry, and the training scenes are as funny as they are convincing. Andie is asked to the prom by her crush, rich kid Blane Andrew McCarthy , but his snooty best friend James Spader convinces him to rescind the invitation because she isn't good enough for their clique.

  5. Ferris Bueller's Day Off has a much lighter message: Hughes precisely captures the way kids in different groups see and stereotype one another.

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