Training a submissive husband


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Give him his training in small amounts until he acclimates. Both newlywed dominant wives and wives who are taking on a new role should not be the least bit shy about enforcing the single sexuality in their marriage with the whip or cane.

Training a submissive husband

Start with simple obedience training that includes doing chores, following orders, and pleasing you and your needs. But a sexually continent man is not the same as a sexually submissive or obedient man.

Training a submissive husband

Training a submissive husband

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  1. Female Led Marriages are wonderful relationships when done correctly.

  2. That is a matter of training. Start with simple obedience training that includes doing chores, following orders, and pleasing you and your needs.

  3. Domination for the Elegant Woman Denying sex to your husband or boyfriend is a bit more complicated than simply crossing your legs and saying no. This because a dominant wife wants much more than every woman's right to, from time to time, decide not to have sex.

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