Trannies in dallas


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CrAzYYSeptember 9, at 5: Drag queens are devious, misbehaving problems that you can't tell apart from one another. Dallas bar owner bans drag queens and trannies Posted July 22, at 1:

Trannies in dallas

David Moore, co-owner of the Crews Inn in Dallas refuses service to drag queens and transgendered individuals on their increasingly popular 'Trashy Tuesday' nights. Grow a beard and Moore might look disturbingly Castro-like. CrAzYYSeptember 9, at 5:

Trannies in dallas

Trannies in dallas

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  1. Crews Inn may not be a chain on the scale of Denny's but the discrimination is just as horrible. He is very nice but that is just messed up.

  2. AnonymousJune 17, at 9:

  3. You need some glasses because this is a dude playing a chick.

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