Transgender web sites


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They often say they feel "trapped in someone else's body. Instrospective sites have either, wonderful autobiogrpahies, descriptions of personal events, or other personal writings. Experts don't know what makes a person comfortable or not comfortable with his or her anatomy.

Transgender web sites

It includes many types of sites not included in my other link pages such as directories of psychological information. Academic Sites focus on many things including:

Transgender web sites

Transgender web sites

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  1. They just want to be known as who they are, unique in their own special way. So most people grow up believing men should act a certain way and women should act a certain way without thinking about it much.

  2. Being transgender is not the same thing as being gay. These sites are kind enough to have a link to this site!

  3. Because sexual orientation is a different thing from gender identity, a transgender teen can be straight, gay, or bisexual — just like other teens can.

  4. But that's not true for everyone.

  5. Being transgender is something some people feel uncomfortable thinking or talking about.

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