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In particular, research is needed to determine how a group of cells that cannot be considered full-fledged epithelial tissue organizes itself, how locomotion and coordination occur in the absence of true muscle and nerve tissue, and how the absence of a concrete body axis affects the animal's biology. Because great genetic differences often occur between representatives of Trichoplax adhaerens, differences that in other taxa would result in their being spread among different genera, it is currently unclear whether the single species Trichoplax adhaerens, based on morphological criteria, does not actually correspond to a group of crypto-species, in other words, species that are not outwardly distinguishable from one another.


If this procedure is performed on several previously strained individuals simultaneously, the same thing occurs. But an even more recent analysis of the much larger Trichoplax nuclear genome instead supports the hypothesis that Trichoplax is a basal eumetazoan , that is, more closely related to Cnidaria and other animals than any of those animals are to sponges. The arrangement of genes in groups on chromosomes is also conserved between the Trichoplax and human genomes.



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  1. To date, the nuclear receptor network has mainly been studied in complex organisms already in possession of an extensive endocrine network. Development beyond this cell stage has not yet been observed.

  2. Each peptide can be used individually to send a signal to other cells, but also sequentially or together in different combinations, creating a huge number a different types of signals.

  3. Usually even before its liberation, the ovum initiates cleavage processes in which it becomes completely pinched through at the middle.

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