Trim pubic area man


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When done right, the end result can make your assets feel and look better. You should apply powder to the shaved area every other day and more frequently if you are active at the gym or involved with sports. Blade feeling dull or lubrication strips looking faded?

Trim pubic area man

Trimming or shaving will keep you smelling fresher as will spraying down the equipment with a little Dry Goods Athletic Spray Powder. Trim up to the edges of the nipples rather than going over them to avoid accidents. Below are your best manscaping options.

Trim pubic area man

Trim pubic area man

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  1. This is because pubic hair acts as a shield to reduce skin contact between people during intercourse. Half an inch is all you need to shave here.

  2. Pat Dry Yourself Grab a clean body towel and gently pat dry yourself.

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