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Our web-app is currently in development and the beta is nearing completion. We also plan to serve relevant, sponsored posts from niche markets which will help us continue to grow. We allow a very large number of categories of adult and mature content, but some content As will be outlined in our Terms of Service will absolutely not be tolerated.

Tublr boobs

The great news is, if you have already saved your blog to a ZIP: Those of you who are posting stories, pictures, videos etc, of yourselves or you are working with a group or team to produce any original content ; we plan to allow YOU to make money with our platform as well. We want to make sure that our users follow our guidelines and more importantly, follow state and federal laws.

Tublr boobs

Tublr boobs

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  1. Cumblr will always be free for our users, but we will offer additional perks and benefits with some form of optional, paid subscription.

  2. If you have followed the instructions on how to save your blog as a ZIP file, we are working on a method of allowing you to upload it to cumblr.

  3. We will be transparent with both Apple and Google when asking them if we can be on their stores. All users will be able to report posts that they believe do not comply with our Terms of Service.

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