Tumblr satin fetish


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Barbara was now upon me, holding her lavender infused panties firmly onto my nose while Both her and my wife encouraged me to Breath Deeply and Relax. As in my case, satin was my unconscious fetish of choice, or really, not my choice. Panty Fuck 60 favorites.

Tumblr satin fetish

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Tumblr satin fetish

Tumblr satin fetish

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  2. And did I mention how seeing her around the house in her satin blouse, would rather quickly result in a massive throbbing Hard-On in my pants while I cossetted her.

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  4. To say that this simple but effective affection immediately put out of my mind, any thoughts of objecting, would be an understatement because I would obediently and immediately do whatever task she instructed.

  5. The Smell of her ambrosial pussy, mixed with the intoxicating lavender perfume immediately filled my nostrils and the deepest recesses of my mind. She laughed mercilessly, why do Guys always try to struggle when they know escaping from a Hypnosis This Deep is Impossible.

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