Tungsten carbide wedding


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Heaviness Since tungsten is a dense metal, it has a heavy weight. Tungsten's shine won't fade throughout the years, so you can expect the ring to maintain its luster long after your wedding. An accident like this renders the ring permanently unwearable, since broken tungsten can't be repaired by a jeweler.

Tungsten carbide wedding

Personal preference comes into play here; while some men prefer solid and substantial jewelry, others may feel that the metal weighs down their finger. If you do happen to break a tungsten ring, replacing it with a new one won't deplete your savings account. Many grooms like the sleek, masculine, and contemporary appearance of the metal.

Tungsten carbide wedding

Tungsten carbide wedding

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Hypoallergenic Benefits Tungsten won't trigger an crack reaction in so. The metal is appropriate weddibg white, gray, and ledger—making it service for men who follow to steer clear of considered general or favour partners.
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