Ukrainian culture and traditions


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On the Ukrainian traditional holiday of Ivan Kupala, all unmarried Ukrainians jump over the fire and weave wreaths. Dining Etiquette Table manners are generally casual.

Ukrainian culture and traditions

Ukraine's climate is moderate. Yet folk healing is not ignored by professional medicine.

Ukrainian culture and traditions

Ukrainian culture and traditions

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  1. International charity organizations provide assistance to the needy.

  2. Marriages against parents' wishes were rare in the past, and matchmakers mediated between the two families. Kutia - a mixture of cooked wheat groats, poppy seeds, and honey, and special sweet breads at Christmas time.

  3. However, Lifar was born and spent his early life in the Kiev region. It is customary to offer a drink to guests, who must not refuse it except for health or religious reasons.

  4. In the late s, the development of the food industry was stimulated by economic reforms.

  5. Only after the death of Stalin in , and Nikita Khrushchev's Thaw, artists began to feel free to experiment in their work, with considerably less fear of repercussions than during the Stalinist period. Laid out on a grid, dacha cooperatives provide summer rural communities for city dwellers.

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