Ultimate payback pranks


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Buy a lot of dolls. Read the following article for some great ones. Underwear Scare This one's a mean trick.

Ultimate payback pranks

If you hurry, you could get one or two in before the day is over. Image courtesy of Flickr, Vermin, Inc.

Ultimate payback pranks

Ultimate payback pranks

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  1. The fake bug trick is your last resort. Seems to fit perfectly for some, right?

  2. Place the victim's toothbrush in a cup of water and freeze it.

  3. Then at a party or any gathering where your group of friends are present, put them on a hook in the washroom or throw them on the floor.

  4. Pour some detergent into the hose pipe, near the main connection, so that when he opens the hose a frothy, foamy jet of water will greet his garden.

  5. Flat Tires Blow some balloons and place them in front of the back tires of the car.

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