Unshaved armpits


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But either way fans are supportive of her choice. Regardless of if she does shave or not, we love her anyway.

Unshaved armpits

Little did Miley's Twitter followers know that she wasn't the first and definitely won't be the last to bare a hairy pit for the world to see. But I'm sure as soon as Miley posts an armpit picture again those trolls will be right there to hate on it.

Unshaved armpits

Unshaved armpits

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  1. It's about learning to be and feel sexy at our most natural states, hairy arms and all.

  2. Early this year, Madonna shared a picture of the Nike logo formed out of what many assumed was her shaved pubic hair, only to announce shortly afterwards that she will be taking part in this year's women's march in Washington DC. By letting our hair grow wildly and freely without the usage of any grooming tools, we are embracing our hair — the same hair that most cancer patients lose.

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