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It cost me a lot of money learning the process, learning how to make money in this business. The junior Pulliam is now CEO of Global Fitness Holdings, a regional company he has built up to 29 health clubs in Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio, with sights on growing to clubs nationwide. The whole premise has been to allow people who are going by the gym to see what's going on so they are familiar before they go through those front doors.

Urban active lexington ky

The look of each location and its day-to-day functions are managed locally. Eventually, he tried to buy the store.

Urban active lexington ky

Urban active lexington ky

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  1. More than just a cutting-edge fitness center, the 67,square-foot building enhances the surrounding neighborhood by enlivening an empty and outdated storefront without incurring any loss of green space. Bold architectural forms and use of interior color.

  2. I don't want to be a gym.

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