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My heart is heavy. And I would ask you all to do the same thing.

Usmc gay

The series was not picked up by NBC. In fact, I found that most of the people who acted in a homophobic way towards me were those who had nothing to do with the military at all. If misconduct also came into play, it would be more complicated, but still worth pursuing.

Usmc gay

Usmc gay

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  1. But having the ability to tell my story on a platform like YouTube has opened more doors than I would ever have guessed it could.

  2. In general, BCNR can consider requests to upgrade discharges all the way down to dishonorable, but Thompson said most sexuality-related discharges were honorable or general under honorable conditions, which entitle veterans to all or most benefits.

  3. That's out of more than 4, sailors and 1, Marines who were kicked out during DADT, from to , according to Navy Department statistics.

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