Vampire movies for kids


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Oral tradition regarding Tepes includes his having made a practice of torturing peasants who displeased him and hanging them or parts of them, such as heads, on stakes around his castle or manor house. The simple structure of this documentary involves in-depth interviews with eight people who all suffer from some form of sleep paralysis as they describe the horrifying visions they encounter on a nightly basis.

Vampire movies for kids

Zak Hilditch A chameleonic performance from Thomas Jane anchors this understated, gothic story set in Depression-era Middle America, told in the style of a confession by the husband who we can tell right from the get-go is haunted by some horrible crime. Directed by genre legend Tobe Hooper and starring a positively surreal cast, Salem's Lot is one of the most beloved and enduring made-for-TV movies of all time.

Vampire movies for kids

Vampire movies for kids

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  1. Gorgeous and eerie, the story is as smart as it is scary.

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