Verbal abuse poems


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Your face I still see in my happiest times It's like this new life I own, still isn't mine. I felt trapped in a time bomb counting down to its last tick. Take not your Holy Spirit from me, but restore unto me, the joy of your salvation to sustain me.

Verbal abuse poems

My knight in shining armor said "You're beautiful," the day we wed. You forced that knife across my wrists With the hate you could only fully express with your fists. These are some of my comments from my followers at HP.

Verbal abuse poems

Verbal abuse poems

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  1. Yes, and they escaped their abuser.

  2. Never again did you say those words for fear of inflating my head. I would like to share this poem I wrote the night I left my verbally abusive husband.

  3. The put downs, yelling and screaming made my body sick.

  4. You are so very strong to have held on this long It is past time to rise above this and set your heart free Echoing, endless echoing, are his choice of words to wound Revelation. You pampered, cuddled and soothed me, then proposed on bended knee.

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