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Time permitting, an animal show may be planned with all participants within the campus or in the community. Students also acquire knowledge of aseptic techniques associated with the maintenance of the surgical suite; this includes the preparation and care of surgical packs. Focus of this project includes practical applications using IDEXX software or equivalent , as well as mobile applications research related to veterinary medicine and animal health topics.

Vet tech school vancouver

VA - Diagnostic Imaging Various equipment and tools are using in diagnosing various illnesses and injuries in animals. When available, time will be allotted for students to complete any outstanding assignments. Learn why the least restraint is sometimes the best restraint and why the goal of restraint is to maintain control of the animal.

Vet tech school vancouver

Vet tech school vancouver

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  1. The course also introduces the causes of illness and disease.

  2. Self-assessment during this course allows students to identify their personal skills that are transferable to the workplace and to describe these skills to a prospective employer. Time permitting, an animal show may be planned with all participants within the campus or in the community.

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