Volvo transmission flush


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The entire process was quick and easy, the longest part was pouring in the ATF and waiting for it to drain down into the transmission. The transmission shifts more smoothly now and is so easy to do that you should try this every so often.

Volvo transmission flush

I ordered the lower transmission mount while I was at it because mine's a little torn and I trust it will be a great combination. I had about 60k on the fluid that was in there. Wow, I am fairly new to working on my Volvo however have started paying more attention to routine maintenance.

Volvo transmission flush

Volvo transmission flush

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  1. Wife and I knocked this out in under thirty minutes! Instructions were good but I did have some confusion as to where to connect the drain hose this was my first time doing this

  2. Hand tighten the IPD hose or snug ever so slightly and I placed the marked jug on the battery and inserted the hose.

  3. However, if you spill fluid, it will get all over wires and the radiator, so it is probably worth the extra 10 minutes to use the lower hose method.

  4. Now you can flush the entire system in a matter of minutes! Instructions were very easy to follow.

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