Wagontire oregon


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As we were leaving Kaisa surprised the two of us by having again produced a puncture, this time in the reputedly unbreakable Marathon Plus tires. But none of this really mattered, because we had no options.

Wagontire oregon

The day was cooler than previous days. So we pedaled onward, unsure of our fate, but tried to keep a positive outlook — maybe the caretaker would like to have some company, we reasoned. She took the task so seriously that she first performed a trial round on another piece of paper to get things just right.

Wagontire oregon

Wagontire oregon

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  1. And as the cooling winds kept blowing we reached Riley. The day was cooler than previous days.

  2. I do not know what she does to the poor tires, but it wrecks havoc on them!

  3. After the initial shock of someone wanting to have something sent to Finland the post master was very friendly indeed, and dutifully hand canceled the stamp upon my request.

  4. This time he heard me. We bought drinks and inquired about the road ahead.

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