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With the phone's GPS turned on you can see your exact position on the map and how you are progressing to the next waymark. Places to Walk" section, press the "Add my account" button. After a long day, what better way is there to relax than in beautiful surroundings, with locally sourced food, excellent wines and good company?

Walkingworld app

You will be shown the cost converted to your chosen currency. You'll then see the My Profile page. The Walkingworld library has been built up over 17 years but this is the first time the routes have been made available through a dedicated app.

Walkingworld app

Walkingworld app

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  1. You can also pay by cheque if you wish; to do this follow through the payment procedure and print out the form to send with your cheque. You can save one walk at a time and it will be kept on your device for 7 days.

  2. The ViewRanger server account must be registered with the same email address as your Walking World account. Touch the screen on the one you want and hold your finger there to bring up an option to download.

  3. You can save one walk at a time and it will be kept on your device for 7 days. The map is an Ordnance Survey one but it is a simple 'open map' type, perfectly good for many types of walk.

  4. Use a computer web browser to login to the ViewRanger portal. Walks are downloaded to the device for offline use.

  5. The first time you login you will be asked to fill in a profile.

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