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The world is approaching a multipolar world with a German-Russian-Chinese juggernaut as its cornerstone. This thing is gonna be built, regardless of what the former empire now US aircraft carrier or the Idiot Belt think.


For that purpose such formidable weapon systems in domestic production would be perfect. Their Russophobia is, as always, baseless. With its enormous economic power and magnificent diplomatic relations in every direction Germany can very well be counted as a global power of its own right, even if completely different from the other three, namely America, Russia, and China.



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  1. The only thing Germany needs right now is freedom from the Anglo-American empire to remember and develop its true, mostly benevolent nature.

  2. Russia is an absolutely reliable partner relying on revenue from that gas, so where is the problem?

  3. Right now it seems that Trump is slashing all governmental structures and putting everything on the military. Now that Germany has started to build the pipeline, the usual suspects, that is the UK, Denmark and what I like to refer to as the Idiot Belt Baltics, Poland, Ukraine, often extended by the Scandinavian countries — Finland has permitted construction though are going bezerk, trying to sue for stopping the project etc.

  4. The real reason Warshington and London oppose Nord Stream 2 is the same why two world wars and a Cold War with all its devastating side effects all over the world have been fought until today.

  5. In contrast, that of the US is by far the lowest despite them ranking 2nd in total exports. Either way, the bottom line of the meeting is:

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