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Tripp was a songwriter. Maxine "Max" Shaw Erika Alexander , a sharp-tongued attorney and Khadijah's best friend from their college days at Howard University , frequently stopped by to share her unique insights, keep them entertained by sharing her day, to make sure that the girls' refrigerator isn't overstocked, and to start trouble with Kyle, looking for any chance to make his life worse.

Watch living single online

Kyle and Max ended up pursuing a sexual relationship, but when he decided to take a job in London and invited Max to join him, she turned him down. Kyle was a stockbroker whose constant verbal sparring with Max did little to mask their obvious sexual attraction. Khadijah continuously struggles between finding love and supporting the magazine, while Regine attempts to move beyond her working-class background.

Watch living single online

Watch living single online

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  1. Kyle was a stockbroker whose constant verbal sparring with Max did little to mask their obvious sexual attraction.

  2. Despite all of Living Single's positive messages and strong humor, its characters' active love lives and penchant for innuendo makes it best for teens and up. As a result, the series provides much-needed positive messages about diversity and multicultural acceptance and makes the show even more worth watching.

  3. She eventually found him in childhood friend Scooter Cress Williams with whom she left the brownstone for the final time in the series finale.

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