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Considering he thought he'd actually get away with it, it crosses over with Too Dumb to Live. A counterpoint to the Star Dance also exists, known as the Dance of Death, which is the music made when stars miss their step and crash into each other, or swell up into red giants and implode. Despite his capacity for cruelty and less likable actions like trying to have both Faraday and Azhure share him, he is still a compassionate man who gives as many chances as he can to people to join him if they do so loyally and is a Father to His Men who grieves for every man who dies under his commmand.

Wayfarer redemption

Setting[ edit ] The series is set in a fictitious land containing the lands of Tencendor, also known as Achar, Coroleas, Escator and Isembaard. The Avar's religion and culture is totally devoted to nature and the forest; they worship the Mother, who was the land incarnate, and by implication nature itself.

Wayfarer redemption

Wayfarer redemption

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  1. WolfStar and to a lesser extent StarLaughter.

  2. Axis took one throughout Enchanter, but he got better. What right do you have to complain?!

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