Weight training for sprinters


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Muscle action read more Introduction Sprinting is a cyclical activity that depends greatly upon momentum. Whether the increase in neural drive at short muscle lengths can transfer from heavy strength training to a fast movement like sprinting is less clear, because of the very velocity-specific and duration-specific nature of muscle activation in response to different types of training Tillin et al. Although Keiner et al.

Weight training for sprinters

At the high school where I was working as a strength coach, every athlete who had a good vertical jump and a good 40 time had a good back squat relative to their build. So exercises that direct force in an anteroposterior horizontal direction lead to greater gains in strength expressed horizontally, while exercises that direct force in an axial vertical direction lead to greater gains in strength expressed vertically.

Weight training for sprinters

Weight training for sprinters

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  1. These are the primary muscles that provide power for explosive athletic events. Since increases in neural drive at short muscle lengths are likely driven by reductions in motor unit recruitment threshold Pasquet et al.

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